Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Organization Continues

Well it snowed in Michigan....and it keeps snowing....Last week it was 68 and I had my windows open, enjoying the fresh we're packed in the house enjoying the smell of hot tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

So while we were stuck at home (literally because while my little HHR is great on gas efficiency, it's not the best on drift busting),  I took the opportunity to make another attempt at overcoming my organizational struggles. I had two goals today. One organize the boys' toys and Two fold and put away ALL the laundry....

After - Our living room has so much room!
This morning, I cleaned, sorted, threw away, picked up and picked up toys again thanks to Gauge trying to help me by emptying everything out of the tubs...I thought that if I just threw Toy Story 3 in, I'd have a good hour and a half to just focus my entire energy on the toy situation....

A place for everything (for now!) 
Well of course that's never how anything works and after getting snacks, changing diapers, keeping the laundry going, attempting the potty, making lunch, one Toy Story 3, Two Handy Manny shows, some weird elephant cartoon and bits and pieces of What Not to Wear because Mommy was over the whole cartoon thing....I now have a clean living room with an organized toy closet....that is until Gauge wakes up and Gunner comes in from the pole barn...but for the moment, I'm enjoying the fact that I did accomplish one organizational adventure!

As for the laundry...... maybe we'll have a snow day tomorrow....

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  1. Love it! Great job!! I'm proud of you for reaching your goal! Laundry tomorrow! Funny, I have the same exact goals. Note- didn't happen today with 4 kids home. Someday!!