Saturday, March 5, 2016

Angel Kisses

While pregnant with Mae Kathryn, I took monthly photos of my growing belly from my perspective seeing this might be our last (like 99.9% sure, but you know what happens when you say never)..... I just thought it was a fun way to document my pregnancy.

October, November, December, January & February
March - Clare Irish 5K Race
April - Hawaii 

May - Soccer Mom

June - six days before my little girl was born...a couple last walks in the field.
So when Carrie House captured newborn photos, I knew I wanted one with Mae so I could always remember the view from my I did with the belly photos.

Now that Mae is almost nine months old, she loves to move and cuddling is a rarity left for night feedings and naps. Her crawling causes her to often pull her socks off. I only keep trying to put them on her because it's winter. I thought about putting her in tights so she couldn't pull them off, but you'd never notice this little freckle on her right big toe. Most people try to rub it off because it's easily confused as dirt or fuzz. 

After a close friend tried to rub it off, she told me a special freckle like the one on her toe was actually an angel kiss....then she said I'm sure your Aunt Casee wanted you to know she held Mae before you. 

I don't think it's irony she kissed her toe as she looked at her from the same perspective I had during nine months of pregnancy and now each night at bedtime.

So this week, when Facebook's "On This Day" shared this wall post, 

I smiled to think Casee sent Mae with a little message to tell me she knows I have a little girl and that she was able to love on her even before I held her. 

She always did like to have the last word.