Friday, July 31, 2015

There is always a plan....

My first day with Farm Bureau Insurance was my thirtieth birthday.  I was so excited about the future...who I would meet, what I would experience... 

 I met amazing clients and colleagues. I sat across many dining room tables in the evenings talking about insurance, but also watching families grow and change. My team and I helped them work through rough times and celebrated the good ones. It has meant a lot that you opened up your lives to my agency. Thank you. 

My husband and I were fortunate to travel with the company to experience places we only dreamed about. We "locked" our love on a bridge in Paris, our boys met Captain America at Universal Studios and we saw beautiful Hawaiian country side with great friends. Jesse and I always looked forward to seeing other agents and their spouses...sharing hunting stories, catching up on families and making memories together.

And now on the eve of my 34th birthday, I'm wrapping up my insurance career and introducing Ryan Methner as the new agent providing quality service to my clients.....

Where am I going?? Well God has had a plan up his sleeve....34 years in the making...

I started typing out all the intertwining of people's lives into mine to show you how intricate this plan really was....coaching basketball, applying for a loan, working as a paraprofessional for a short while, helping FFA State Officers after I was done with my term, ....but I had to delete it all or you would have fallen asleep reading, not that I was writing something boring, but there were so many times in my life - small moments & large moments that God put before me not realizing it was all part of the plan....and a wise person told me once, "You can't go wrong when you follow God's plan".

So I'm thankful for all the turns God laid before me. For His direction when I went off times waaaay off path. I'm thankful for the experience and the friends I've gained along the way. And I'm thankful to join a community who knows what it means when I say... "I believe in the future of agriculture."

I'm beyond excited to say that pending school board approval in August, I am the new Breckenridge High School Agriscience Teacher and FFA Advisor! I can't wait to be placed into students' lives and help them with the plan set before check out my awesome classroom!!!

I can't even begin to think about how His plan will continue over the next 34 years! Happy Birthday to me!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Eisenberger Family of Five

Bless her heart, my amazing friend Carrie, dealt with my post pregnancy hormones during our family photos. All I wanted was the two oldest to look at her and smile....of course they're eight, six and all boy. I should know better than to get worked up....but I lost I let go of the dream of having my very own Pinterest family photo shoot....

Note to parents - probably the best way to approach any photo shoot with your children in it, if you're able to, is to walk away and let the photographer do his/her thing rather than yell at your children behind the photographer to look at the gosh darn camera...that totally doesn't work...believe me, I know.

And yet, when I opened my gallery I was soooo happy with the final result - thankfully no signs of smeared mascara or flushed red cheeks...a couple funny out takes...and several photos of my awesome family of five...can't wait to get canvas prints on our walls!

Eisenberger - Family of Five

Pretty sure they're thinking...What the heck do we do with this???

My Grandma Shorty was an amazing quilter. Each Christmas meant new quilts for my cousins and I. She always had her sewing machine on the table working on someone's wedding, baby or anniversary gift. God bless her, she even tried to teach me to sew....we did create a couple projects worthy of bringing to the fair but more importantly, it meant I spent hours at my Grandma's kitchen table hearing her stories.

Shortly before our oldest, Gunner, was born she started showing signs of dementia... an awful disease that steals a persons mind far before their body fails them. She continued to sew and some days were good days. Other days found her talking to imaginary people who had stole her tv remote. 

At my baby shower, we knew the baby was a boy. So everything was either camo or blue. Until I opened my Grandma Shorty's gift. I expected a quilt, but what I didn't expect was a pink quilt and two pink receiving blankets. When I opened them, you could hear everyone whisper...isn't she having a boy? My mom did a great job of nicely whispering to people that Grandma had dementia and may or may not have remembered we told her it was a boy. I thanked my grandma though and stored the quilt in our basement.

Move forward to now. My mom and I were trying to figure out what family heirloom I could incorporate into Mae's newborn photos. With my family's history of quilt making, I wanted a special quilt, not just one picked up at a garage sale. I wanted one with a story.

Then my mom reminded me of the quilt my Grandma Shorty had given me.....eight years earlier... maybe she knew there'd be more to the story.

Mae Kathryn

On June 20, our family welcomed Little Miss Mae Kathryn Eisenberger.

It's been surreal, adding another little one to our family. Obviously, I was well aware I was pregnant for nine plus months, but I completely forgot how much I love the newborn stage. The sounds, the smells (both sweet and sour), the tiny clothes, the responsibility to care for this tiny, helpless, amazing beauty...and how it goes so fast.

Three years ago today, our lives seemed surreal as well. I lost my Aunt Casee to cancer. Since her passing, there have been moments that seemed to crawl by....experiencing life at its messiest. Many times, I would have given anything to listen to her advice and to be with her one more time.  Yet, at the same time it seems like yesterday we were celebrating her. Life goes so fast.

As we share Mae's birth, we are extremely thankful for God's grace, amazing friends and family and the many lessons life teaches us....through the hard times and the amazing the end of the day we know now more than ever that we have each other and we feel blessed to have one more.

I just hope time can crawl by a little right now....I'm loving all the cuddles.

Special thanks to my mom who rocked the labor and delivery photos!

That moment when they hand you your daughter....

I met Dr. Traenkle three days before, when I came in for my weekly check in. 
She filled in for Dr. Moossavi, and though I will always love Dr. Moossavi, 
Dr. Traenkle made labor and delivery just as enjoyable ....the drugs may have also helped! 

Allison was the junior fair queen when I was the senior queen. We were 4-H members together. Her sister and I have been friends for 20 years. Our families have worked together on activities and events in the agriculture community. I took her engagement and wedding photos. We've shared so many memories together...and now Mae's birth. It was comforting having her in the about how life goes in circles... I'm thankful she is part of our circle. 

The boys were not exactly sure what to think of their baby sister, but they've adjusted well. 
Don't let them fool you, but they're completely in love.

This woman....if I'm even half the mom she is, I'll consider myself a success. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

One year later....

I run to escape.

I use to think I should run for a cause; for people who couldn't run; for a healthy lifestyle; for the chance to motivate others to run. Superficially, I run so I can eat more, get "free" shirts at races with my running buddies and wear sweet colored shoes that cost more than any other pair of shoes I own.

Running Buddies
We like to color coordinate :)

Selfishly, I admit though. Over the last year, I realized I run for me.

Sure it's awesome if my family comes to watch a race with their signs saying "My mommy runs faster than yours". I always look forward to seeing old friends and making news ones while warming up for a 5K. And keeping those people who can't run in my heart while I run, sure motivates me during those days my shoes feel like dead weight. But let's be real here - I am not this crazy runner who averages 50 miles a week....we're talking 10-15 on a good week. There are no 20 mile weekend runs for fun on my calendar. The reality is....I won't ever be a spokesperson for the running industry because I basically put on shoes that the local running store suggested, hit my running app and let the Pandora stations fill my head.  No funky gadgets, no concept on pacing, no in depth knowledge besides putting one foot in front of the other. Yet, for 20 to 60+ minutes or more, I escape....

One year ago tomorrow my Aunt Casee passed away.

I miss her.

A colleague told me that when life gets all shook up, it should be my goal to work hard and get back to neutral. It is in those moments of time you'll learn how to make your neutral even better than before - that you will come out with scrapes and bruises but your perspective will be so much greater and your appreciation deeper.

Having someone close die shakes your world. Yet, I believe in death and God and that there is Heaven - so her actual death didn't shake my world.....her not being in my life anymore did. I didn't have a sounding board anymore, I had to find a new one or two. My personal fan club lost its president and since she knew more than anyone that life revolved around me, it clearly impacted my spirit (LOL). Her absence at so many activities seemed awkward, even though everyone has tried so hard not to make it that way. And I'm sure for the rest of my life, when her name is mentioned my heart will drop a little.

So this past fall as I tried to get back to neutral, I struggled. Life became a complicated, stressful mess- like life can be sometimes. So what does Katie do when her plate is already full and stressed to the max.....ohhhh she adds ones more thing to the table.... So I figured why not run a marathon??!

I needed to do this though - to regain some sort of control. After eight years of marriage, two kids, and switching jobs; I lost myself along the way. I had gotten so use to everyone around me just always being there and going along with what they said or suggested I forgot I had my own opinion. I forgot how to challenge thoughts, confidently offer my opinions and aggressively seek what I wanted no matter the objections.

During the 16 week training - while I enjoyed beautiful winter runs, catching up on my favorite shows on the treadmill, watching flowers bloom on spring days and fitting my miles in no matter the arrangement of my schedule - I would drift away from everything and daydream. Sort out reality. Brainstorm a new approach. Think of how life would be this way or that.


And when I came up on mile 24 of the marathon, "Don't You Worry Child" by Swedish Heart Mafia came across my earphones. I just became completely overwhelmed with that moment I felt Casee - like she was running beside me...part of me laughed actually because she never understood why anyone would run unless they were being chased or for ice cream LOL.....but I knew she was there, and as clique as it sounds, it was if she kept her promise of being my fan club president and was cheering me on. Not just to finish the marathon, but to cheer me on to keep moving in this new neutral I had found. It's awkward, complicated, ambitious, challenging, lively....but best of all it's me.

The boys and I at the finish line of the Bayshore Marathon.
Accomplished my goal of under Four Hours -3:51.43.

So tomorrow, I'm not going to dwell on what happened a year ago. I'm not going to be sad that she's gone. ....I'm going to lace up my shoes, embrace my new neutral and escape.... dream about what it will be like when I see her again in Heaven.


Special hugs and thoughts to everyone thinking about Casee today, tomorrow and everyday. Over the last year, our family has heard so many wonderful stories about how she impacted so many and how she continues to impact those who are faced with difficult situations. You are amazing and appreciated.