Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas at the Eisenberger's

Only a handful of Christmas cards were mailed yesterday....after the pick up time so you probably won't receive them until after Christmas. 

We've enjoyed homemade goodies from neighbors and friends, but I haven't made one batch of puppy chow, monster cookies or popcorn cakes. Thankfully, no one expects me to bring some amazing dish to pass....I'm known for my veggie tray ($10 out the door at Sam's Club) and you know what- it's usually empty by the end of the parties.

My house hasn't been cleaned since....well if I can't remember the last time I mopped than it's been too long since it was cleaned. Hopefully Santa doesn't judge....nor should you expect me to invite you in if you do drop off goodies, because you will stand on the porch as I strategically half peer out the door blocking your view into the mail and school papers piled high on the dining room table. don't feel as bad doing this since it is 50 out. 

Oh and the elf....he hasn't moved for four nights. He's currently tangled in garland and I assume he's not up for navigating in the wind so he stays warmly nestled among the decor. I'm probably more excited of his adventure home than Santa's arrival. 

I spent hours trying to coordinated our Christmas attire and I'm already planning on having a "discussion" with the oldest because he won't want to wear what I have out for him....and you'd think Mae would be the easiest but I'm just preparing myself for the ultimate Christmas blow out just minutes after I've dressed her in the perfect red, white & green ruffly girlie outfit, that can really only be worn on Christmas and was way more than any one time baby outfit should be....

There's a lot of pressure to be in the holiday spirit, have the perfect decorations, be a grand hostess, attend parties looking all put together...the reality is, I'm over it and it hasn't even begun. 

So today I'm shutting off the phone, closing the doors to all the messy bedrooms in our house, putting up the nativity set that hasn't seen the light of day since last February when I finally took down all our decorations from Christmas  2014....and I'm just going to let whatever be, be. 

I hope you're able to do the same...and if you need permission to do so....I give you permission to go buy a store bought pie after your attempts burn. I promise the kiddos will love your gifts even if your wrapping consists of newspaper and a roll of duct tape. The clothes you haven't had time to fold, throw em in a closet and shut the door. I'm sure they'll be there Sunday...unless you receive a coupon gift for folded clothes - cash that baby in ASAP!! Oh and the Christmas cards you didn't get worries! Post a pic of your super cute family on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

And if you need some extra prayers...I woke up this morning praying for extra patience, forgiveness for all the yelling I have been doing lately, and asking for extra grace for myself and all the parents just wanting to make Christmas magical for their children....

Yet, God reminded me- like He so often does- that He made this magical holiday for each of us through the birth of Jesus....tonight many years ago a very pregnant Mary and Joseph traveled to take part in the census. They ended up in a stable where the only "people" to judge their clothing attire were livestock. And in a barn, Jesus Christ, our savior, was born.  God gave us the perfect present....a relationship with Him through Jesus. Not sure how I'd ever top here's to less arguing and more laughter, less distance and more hugs, less stress and more enjoyment. 

And if Jesus' birth was celebrated in a barn, opening gifts tomorrow morning on carpet that hasn't been vacuumed in a week (or two!) will be totally acceptable. 

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.  
Jesse, Katie, Gunner, Gauge & Mae

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Grandpa Bum

My family needs your prayers. My Grandpa Bum went into the hospital Thursday. As things have unraveled, his body is full of infection which has impacted his heart. 

Friday was bad...If you know my mom, you know she's 1000 times more optimistic than the most optimistic person you know... So when she tells you he's really know it's really bad. To the point where doctors suggest preparing for the worst.

But they don't know my grandpa ...he's a Loomis. They'll help anyone in need and smile with a sparkle in their eye...but they're also stubborn and set in their ways. They don't like to lose and they never stop working for what they believe in. 

I went to see him Friday afternoon and he was completely out of it with the antibiotic trying to fight off the infection and an oxygen mask to reduces stress on his lungs. It was a rough 24 hours for everyone. A lot of unknowns and waiting to see how his body would react to the medication.

Today, his mask was off. He was slightly aware of people and he even said Mae's name when I brought her to his side. My heart relaxed a bit, seeing him more alert and being able to hold his hand. Yet, he has a very long road ahead. He's receiving medication for swelling in his legs and tomorrow they're going to do a swallow test to make sure he can have a drink of water. 

There are a ton of other medical issues and tasks happening, a majority I don't understand .... but what I do understand is that he's making progress. Slow, small progress, but it still gives me hope.

Pray he continues to progress and remains comfortable. Pray for his doctors and medical team. Pray for my grandma and family. Pray that we as a family show the doctors what it means to be a Loomis. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Our First Week of School

It's early Saturday morning.... I should be sleeping, but my body won't relax and my mind is thinking of a million things that need to be done the first of 2487 loads of laundry that need to be done is in the washer, the dish washer is working overtime to catch up on the pile created from throwing lunch dishes and dinner pans on top of each other and my grade book is out ready to record grades for the first assignment of the year!

What a week it has sum it up in a couple words...Exhausting. Energizing. Emotional. Exactly where I'm suppose to be!

Tuesday morning I work up and left the house before anyone else was awake...Mae has been such a trooper - sleeping most of the night and waking for a brief moment before falling back asleep in her car seat on the way to daycare. It was the first time I didn't drop the boys off at school on their first day of school - that was rough. But daddy pulled through and sent me a picture of our third grader and first grader! Plus we attend a pretty awesome school where several other moms captured their first day for me. It takes a village!

The boys were excited to see friends and wear their new school clothes. It started off a busy week trying to get into a new routine of having daddy drop them off. It's awesome for Jesse to spend some time with the boys in the morning and helping the boys become more independent. Yet for me, it's hard not being the last voice they hear before they head into school. I took that for it's a quick kiss while they sleep as I slip out of the house in the morning. Yet, evenings were fun catching up on their day in between running to soccer practices and getting ready for the next morning. Gauger even lost his second tooth this week while brushing his teeth! I'd say the boys had a great start to their school year!

Gunner & Gauge - 2015

Thanks to Ms. Melissa for capturing Gunner & friends.

And despite their whining, Mrs. Judge grabbed a couple pics for me! 

My first week of school started off with an assembly....I grew up a Shark, went on to be a Spartan, now am a Blue Jay mom and was introduced Tuesday as a Huskie teacher to a gym full of students I would soon be meeting! I just prayed as I walked across the gym floor that I didn't trip over my feet :) Thankfully, the entire staff at Breckenridge HS/MS have been amazing - very welcoming and encouraging and I'm pretty sure if I would have fell they would have helped me up and made it look like we had all planned it :). 

My class schedule allows me to interact with seventh graders up to seniors. I teach a general agriscience/FFA class, then a full class of Botany, two classes of Zoology, an Alternative Education Ecology class and I wrap up with an Ag Leadership/Ecology class of upperclassmen. Students who take Botany one year and Zoology the next year receive a Biology credit. A majority of my students also participate in FFA. Follow us on Facebook if you get a second - you'll be able to see everything we're up to! 

For the first week, we spent our time getting to know each other. Every student made a PowerPoint telling me a little bit about themselves, but also so I could see what they knew about setting up a presentation....because much like real life, they'll be working in groups and should know how to form their thoughts and present them to others. We finished up the week with marshmallows and toothpicks....building teamwork skills while building the tallest, freestanding structure. 

Using our shop for labs, the students worked in teams...possibly some future engineers!

As fun as the first week was, it was also filled with a ton learning experiences...more for me than the students. 

My major take away from the week....I can't control every moment in the classroom. Ideally, I thought I'd teach, share the assignment and then they would ask me a ton of questions and want me to be right there showing them...kinda like how a new parent thinks their baby will always want them to hold their hand.......naive, but with good intentions.I was reminded, quoted from a friend & fellow teacher, I can teach them what to eat, why to eat and what to eat, but they need to actually  chew their own food". I realize this seems like common sense, but man it's hard to not hover! 

When I left yesterday, I thought how great the first week had went but I'm trying to keep in perspective it was still the honeymoon, new teacher, new school year phase. For my very first week of teaching, I'm going to say it was a win....and as much as I hope my students learn from me, I'm sure they'll be teaching me more than they will ever realize.....

And now I'm off to tackle a house that may have accumulated more dirty dishes and clothes than I realized we had.....

Our first day of school picture! My mom even gave me lunch money. :)! 

p.s. Thanks so much for the texts, phone calls, emails and messages this week. It's so awesome doing life with all of you!

Friday, July 31, 2015

There is always a plan....

My first day with Farm Bureau Insurance was my thirtieth birthday.  I was so excited about the future...who I would meet, what I would experience... 

 I met amazing clients and colleagues. I sat across many dining room tables in the evenings talking about insurance, but also watching families grow and change. My team and I helped them work through rough times and celebrated the good ones. It has meant a lot that you opened up your lives to my agency. Thank you. 

My husband and I were fortunate to travel with the company to experience places we only dreamed about. We "locked" our love on a bridge in Paris, our boys met Captain America at Universal Studios and we saw beautiful Hawaiian country side with great friends. Jesse and I always looked forward to seeing other agents and their spouses...sharing hunting stories, catching up on families and making memories together.

And now on the eve of my 34th birthday, I'm wrapping up my insurance career and introducing Ryan Methner as the new agent providing quality service to my clients.....

Where am I going?? Well God has had a plan up his sleeve....34 years in the making...

I started typing out all the intertwining of people's lives into mine to show you how intricate this plan really was....coaching basketball, applying for a loan, working as a paraprofessional for a short while, helping FFA State Officers after I was done with my term, ....but I had to delete it all or you would have fallen asleep reading, not that I was writing something boring, but there were so many times in my life - small moments & large moments that God put before me not realizing it was all part of the plan....and a wise person told me once, "You can't go wrong when you follow God's plan".

So I'm thankful for all the turns God laid before me. For His direction when I went off times waaaay off path. I'm thankful for the experience and the friends I've gained along the way. And I'm thankful to join a community who knows what it means when I say... "I believe in the future of agriculture."

I'm beyond excited to say that pending school board approval in August, I am the new Breckenridge High School Agriscience Teacher and FFA Advisor! I can't wait to be placed into students' lives and help them with the plan set before check out my awesome classroom!!!

I can't even begin to think about how His plan will continue over the next 34 years! Happy Birthday to me!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Eisenberger Family of Five

Bless her heart, my amazing friend Carrie, dealt with my post pregnancy hormones during our family photos. All I wanted was the two oldest to look at her and smile....of course they're eight, six and all boy. I should know better than to get worked up....but I lost I let go of the dream of having my very own Pinterest family photo shoot....

Note to parents - probably the best way to approach any photo shoot with your children in it, if you're able to, is to walk away and let the photographer do his/her thing rather than yell at your children behind the photographer to look at the gosh darn camera...that totally doesn't work...believe me, I know.

And yet, when I opened my gallery I was soooo happy with the final result - thankfully no signs of smeared mascara or flushed red cheeks...a couple funny out takes...and several photos of my awesome family of five...can't wait to get canvas prints on our walls!

Eisenberger - Family of Five

Pretty sure they're thinking...What the heck do we do with this???

My Grandma Shorty was an amazing quilter. Each Christmas meant new quilts for my cousins and I. She always had her sewing machine on the table working on someone's wedding, baby or anniversary gift. God bless her, she even tried to teach me to sew....we did create a couple projects worthy of bringing to the fair but more importantly, it meant I spent hours at my Grandma's kitchen table hearing her stories.

Shortly before our oldest, Gunner, was born she started showing signs of dementia... an awful disease that steals a persons mind far before their body fails them. She continued to sew and some days were good days. Other days found her talking to imaginary people who had stole her tv remote. 

At my baby shower, we knew the baby was a boy. So everything was either camo or blue. Until I opened my Grandma Shorty's gift. I expected a quilt, but what I didn't expect was a pink quilt and two pink receiving blankets. When I opened them, you could hear everyone whisper...isn't she having a boy? My mom did a great job of nicely whispering to people that Grandma had dementia and may or may not have remembered we told her it was a boy. I thanked my grandma though and stored the quilt in our basement.

Move forward to now. My mom and I were trying to figure out what family heirloom I could incorporate into Mae's newborn photos. With my family's history of quilt making, I wanted a special quilt, not just one picked up at a garage sale. I wanted one with a story.

Then my mom reminded me of the quilt my Grandma Shorty had given me.....eight years earlier... maybe she knew there'd be more to the story.

Mae Kathryn

On June 20, our family welcomed Little Miss Mae Kathryn Eisenberger.

It's been surreal, adding another little one to our family. Obviously, I was well aware I was pregnant for nine plus months, but I completely forgot how much I love the newborn stage. The sounds, the smells (both sweet and sour), the tiny clothes, the responsibility to care for this tiny, helpless, amazing beauty...and how it goes so fast.

Three years ago today, our lives seemed surreal as well. I lost my Aunt Casee to cancer. Since her passing, there have been moments that seemed to crawl by....experiencing life at its messiest. Many times, I would have given anything to listen to her advice and to be with her one more time.  Yet, at the same time it seems like yesterday we were celebrating her. Life goes so fast.

As we share Mae's birth, we are extremely thankful for God's grace, amazing friends and family and the many lessons life teaches us....through the hard times and the amazing the end of the day we know now more than ever that we have each other and we feel blessed to have one more.

I just hope time can crawl by a little right now....I'm loving all the cuddles.

Special thanks to my mom who rocked the labor and delivery photos!

That moment when they hand you your daughter....

I met Dr. Traenkle three days before, when I came in for my weekly check in. 
She filled in for Dr. Moossavi, and though I will always love Dr. Moossavi, 
Dr. Traenkle made labor and delivery just as enjoyable ....the drugs may have also helped! 

Allison was the junior fair queen when I was the senior queen. We were 4-H members together. Her sister and I have been friends for 20 years. Our families have worked together on activities and events in the agriculture community. I took her engagement and wedding photos. We've shared so many memories together...and now Mae's birth. It was comforting having her in the about how life goes in circles... I'm thankful she is part of our circle. 

The boys were not exactly sure what to think of their baby sister, but they've adjusted well. 
Don't let them fool you, but they're completely in love.

This woman....if I'm even half the mom she is, I'll consider myself a success.