Thursday, April 28, 2011

They Called Them Crazy....

I have journals from middle school. Some entries are long and drawn out, contemplating the meaning of life. Others go into great elaboration about a memory I didn't want to forget one detail, while others just talk about daily events or remind my journal (or those who may read it years down the road) that I was still alive just busy.

A photo of Jesse and I in 2005
On this day six years ago my entry starts - "There's always someone who wants to set me up. Jed and Jena suggested I meet Jed's brother Jesse. So we went out dancing at the VFW......we talked small get to know you chat. He bought me a lot of drinks...... The highlight of the night was fixing the ceiling fan - to me that's top quality if someone  knows what they're doing and can fix things..... He's not into frills or impressing people. He just is simple...... I could get very use to this.... He said he just wanted to "find the girl", ironically I'm just wanting to "finding the man".....If things just keep clicking who knows.... Katie Eisenberger - long name, but it would work....
Jesse & I - April 2011

And six days later.....Dear God, Okay I'm in love! :) Jesse is amazing!

And two weeks later.....I'm getting married! I'm engaged - I'm going to be Katie Lee Eisenberger!

Eight months later....I AM Katie Lee Eisenberger!

Spring 2005 was a whirl wind .....but just thinking about it gives me butterflies all over again. I remember telling my mom I was getting married - she was completely in shock. Everyone pretty much thought we were crazy. Looking back there are days, weeks and sometimes months that I would agree. We got married, built a house, had a baby, enjoyed that baby, had another baby, enjoyed both babies and then we started to really settle into life. And what we found is that life is not easy. There are some diary entries I wouldn't wish on anyone in a relationship. Yet, I can read them and think - I made it through...correction....WE made it through.

Our first family photo at our cabin in the UP - we're talking
double seater outhouse kinda cabin!
God gives us what we need when we need it, whether we understand or not. He knew I needed someone to keep me grounded, to remind me to just enjoy a cold drink while driving the back roads and holding hands....He also knew Jesse needed someone  to challenge him in ways no one had, to try things that were never on his radar and to make him put on a tie because he's amazingly handsome all dressed up.
Our five year anniversary this past December

So that's my story, the one I remember during every Maple Syrup Festival since then. The one that gets me through those trying times. The one I look forward to sharing with our grandchildren someday. The one that when I share with people they look at me that is crazy?!....yeah and I Thank God every day!

I'd love to hear your did you meet, what still gives you butterflies about your special someone, how do you compliment each other, what makes you crazy for each other? Share in the comments!


  1. Katie, this brought tears to my eyes! What a sweet story and I love that you have it captured in your journal. Makes me wish I kept one!

    We don't have a very exciting story. But we do compliment each other well. I am more quiet and reserved, especially in a large group of people, and he is sociable, and super funny and makes everyone laugh. Including me...every day. Even after almost 12 years now. :)

    Thanks for sharing your story!

  2. Since the kids came, the entries are a bit sparse, but it's fun to just pick a random day and see what I was thinking ten, twenty years ago (ugh... up I can actually say twenty years ago! LOL!!) And it's always nice to find that one person that compliments you. :)!

  3. this is so well-worded, genuine, and true. thanks for sharing your heart! i am not an avid journaller but i was one before i started dating my husband. i just might have to dig that old journal out and read it for our 8th anniversary this year <3

  4. thanks special to read back to celebrate your 8th anniversary. Sometimes a quick read will remind me of all the qualities I fell in love with....thanks for following :)!