Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Agriculture Education on the Run

My Mom & Dad with the boys and
my niece at Christmas

So I'm blaming my mother on my next adventure....My mom has never been one to just show up, enjoy an event and come home. No... Cathy McCune attends something once or twice and then some how, for some reason she takes on a leadership role. I know, I know... this is a good trait, one I'm blessed to have inherited....but it causes my husband to roll his eyes and say, "One more thing huh?" :) ... to which I tell him it's in my blood, I can't help myself. So on to my next adventure... planning a 5K, sponsored by county Farm Bureaus and businesses, for the end of this summer!!!

Yeah I know.. you're rolling your eyes and saying "one more thing huh?" Well it's for a cause I'm extremely passionate about....Food....sponsored by amazing people who grow it....Farmers.... all while doing something I love... Running! How could I not be involved!?!

My running buddy Wendy and I at the
Capital City River Run, Lansing, MI Sept 2010
Half-Marathon Time: 1:58.54

I've ran a lot of 5K's and last summer my first half-marathon. My 2011 plan is to run a couple 5Ks, a 6 mile and an 8 mile race this spring and a full marathon in the fall. Not one of them on the list though represents the agriculture sector. The farmers who milk the cows for the after race chocolate milk need a race, representing them - helping runners see how much care goes into the food they fuel their bodies to be in prime race condition. We need to take agriculture education to the people, in their arena....show them how it relates to them.

Tonight was our first planning meeting - putting farmers and runners/walkers around a table was inspiring, at times hilarious and definitely motivational! We have a whole long list of how we're going to educate the general public while they participate: farm facts on volunteer t-shirts and mile markers, an after the race agriculture expo, holding it at a location where agriculture is happening! Gives me goose bumps just thinking about the opportunities and conversations that will happen!!

Have you planned a 5K? Been a part of a 5K that has done some pretty cool stuff?? Share with me! And when we get the location and date finalized I'll post it.... so you can come run/walk with us.

Or you can learn from my mom and just join the committee... :)


  1. Hey Katie, I would love to know more about this!! Let me know! Thanks!


  2. Thnx Chris! --- Kayla I'll stop in today and fill ya in! :)