Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's good to be four!

Gunner with his cupcake cake.

The blog was put on hold a couple days in preparation for a very special weekend celebration ...Today we celebrated my oldest son's birthday. Gunner officially turns four tomorrow, February 28th at 8:16 p.m. but at the age of four I could tell him his birthday is next Friday and he would believe me, so we went for a Sunday sledding birthday party!

Quite the crew! Look at those smiles!
Thankfully his birthday landed on a beautiful Michigan snow day! I know a majority of Michiganders want the snow gone....and now that my little man thoroughly enjoyed his sledding party the snow could all melt and I would be all for busting out the flip flops and tank tops!

After a whirlwind of eating, present opening and cake & ice cream we bundled up all the kids and headed to the sledding hill! And from the smiles, giggles and little voices cheering for more - they had a pretty darn good time. (and the parents were extremely exhausted from hauling the sleds and their passengers up the hill.)

Once we were back home we took naps and started really looking at the gifts -I love how having kids means you get to be a kid again! I believe Jesse and I will be buying our own Nerf guns to defend ourselves from two tiny sharp shooters. We also played with tractors, are planning a game night to open up all the fun games and this spring if you see us all in the front yard staring at the grass we're catching bugs.
Momma & Gunner with his special birthday shirt
thnx to Gramma Cathy

Oh and now thanks to a super cute tractor watch, someone will know exactly when bed time is :). Tonight we brushed our teeth by just the light of a new being four again!

Happy birthday little man -
I love you.

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