Monday, February 28, 2011

Is Three Really a Crowd?

Gunner at 8 months.
Gunner is officially four now. Gauge will be two in April. And now everyone asks when number three is coming. An hour with my two and you would probably hesitate on asking that question ....which is where my hesitation comes. But social norms indicate this is about the time we should be planning another or be done. So people are searching....well we're searching too I guess.

Three feels complete. I look at my parents and my husband's parents and they all have at least four siblings, if not way more. Though my Grandma always told me never have an odd number and right now we’re evenly matched with a one to one parent/child ratio....yet, for some reason three seems to be the magic number.

Gauge at 7 months.
But three also comes with some financial implications. One more pair of cleats for baseball, registration for wrestling, feed for 4-H calves, guns for hunting, cars to drive, college to pay for, rehearsal dinners to organize and drinks to buy at their today's economic issues is it smart to intentionally add another person in the mix? We have put a major halt on buying anything....why would it make sense to have a baby??

Then my heart just aches for the excitement of a new life. Wondering who the baby will look like, watching he or she hit major milestones, rocking late at night with a baby on your chest anticipating the amazing impact they will have on others, on themselves, on me.....

Three days after this picture
 I delivered Gauge.
Yet, I'm kinda selfish... I'll admit it. I always have something to do and right now two is manageable, but once they start getting involved in their own interests, mine will be pitched to the wind. Adding a third would be one more schedule to juggle. Plus one more to juggle my body back into "pregnancy glow". I look back on my pregnancy photos and people said I looked sooo cute and was all belly.... Well I'm here to tell you people… you lied...I was all cheeks, boobs and butt...ALL I had was a BELLY to prove I should look as wide as a house...maybe you were just being smart knowing all too well the hormones of a pregnant woman….

Loomis cousins

     And finally, I'm assuming I'll have a boy IF we decide to have another...We have two already, Jesse's brothers each have a boy....yet, knowing our luck we'd have a before you get offended let me explain why I've always wanted three boys (and if we have a third child I'll probably eat my words when a little baby Eisenberger girl is born but here are my current thoughts right now and I'm sure you'll all remind me of my ignorance when the time presents itself  :)!) .... Nothing against girls and I'm sure I would love on her, she'd have daddy wrapped around her pinkie and her two older brothers would protect her....but I was raised with eight boy cousins and a brother, I am just not that sure I would know what to do with a girl.

My two little men, growing SO fast!

I guess we'll keep searching and be happy we have two healthy little boys until it either feels right to sell everything or get going on number three....if we could just decide by April 16th when I'm registered to sell everything at a Mom to Mom sale....maybe by selling all my boy clothes, it'll make all the pink stuff that much easier to buy! :) 


  1. Katie-
    This is a great post! (The others are good too, I just really relate to this one!) I definitely think it is good enough for a "lifestyles" column in a newspaper/magazine!

    But, more importantly this is going to be a great keepsake for your kids. They will love to look back and read this some day!

    Thanks for sharing - you made me smile!

    Have a great day!

  2. Thanks for your comments Amanda and for following!

    Whether we have two or three, they'll hopefully see their momma's humor and trying to do what's best for them in the process :)