Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Share Your 4-H Story

I don't know the major workings of budgets. I do know Michigan, like every other state, is facing some tough budget cuts. I know sacrifices need to be made. Our own family budget is being tightened and spending is much more intentional this year.

At the state level, MSU Extension is facing a 15% cut with Gov. Snyder's proposed budget. At the national level, the Smith-Lever funding for Cooperative Extension is in jeopardy. Now, more than ever, it's time to share your message. I know every proposed budget, whether it is national, state or local, MSUE asks participants to step up and contact elected officials. And every time MSUE says... Now, more than ever....but it seems every time the reality is now or never.

Please share the impact any MSU Extension program has had on you and your family. You don't need to be an expert on budgets, financial statements or politics. You just need to share your story. 

When thinking about what to write or talk about, it might help to answer the question "What do I do today that developed while participating in (insert here....4-H, Master Gardener, Next Level Business Training, Citizen Planner, the Annie's Project)?" Then use your social contacts now, more than ever, to encourage them to share their 4-H story as well. Encourage them to use the hashtag #CESValue in all tweets. Join the Revolution of Responsibility at  Contact your Michigan legislature by going to and clicking on Legislative Branch.

We use Facebook and Twitter to connect with friends and family on everything from our daily routine to asking advice. Share your story and then share this information. Let your network, your state and your nation realize why the Cooperative Extension Service is vital.

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