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I have a sign above a door in my home that says Live would think if I focused on the saying a little more I would have found time to post at least once on here since LAST August - but none the less I'm going to try hard and simply focus on making sure something gets up on this blog at least a couple times a week - from insurance to sharing insight into my family to posting a couple recent photo shoots - you're going to see a little of everything. For the next couple days I'll be reposting from the insurance blog so I can merge it onto this main blog and then see what happens from there - I hope you follow me and share your comments and questions.I hope you enjoy and find a way today to do one thing a little more simple.

A Blog on Insurance?

Yeah..... I know it's probably not the first words you type when looking for an inspirational blog to follow.....but stick with me here...

If you know me, you know I love social media....and this blog has been in the back of my mind since August 1, 2011 - the day I started my new career as an insurance agent with Farm Bureau Insurance. I have been trying to figure out how I could connect a blog with what I do (aka put my journalism degree from MSU to good use!)  So why not kick off the new year with another way to connect with people.

You don't have to be my client, you don't even have to ask for an insurance review (though I'm always willing to give free reviews!!). My intent is really to just share what I do - since insurance can be "scary, intimidating, the elephant in the room, ignored, worthless, confusing, piling up on my counter or just thrown in a folder in hopes I never have to see it again" - all descriptions I've personally heard.

For most people, insurance is something you don't want to deal with nor see the value in it until you need it. Others can't seem to get enough protection based on a life experience. Everyone sees insurance differently. This blog will show you how I see it, as I sit next to people like you trying to sort through it all.

I hope you follow me, if nothing else to feel like you're not alone when you don't understand something. I hope you ask questions and add experiences. I hope you feel different about insurance every time you read it. I hope you just read it. :)

Happy New Year!


I promise I'll have way more fun looking photos too :)!
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