Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sweet Summer Time

Daddy got the jeep running - Who looks the happiest!? :)
This weekend I did something I haven't in a long time. I put my phone away, closed my computer lid and literally laid by the pool and lake all day for three days.

Baby Emma enjoying the pool in style.
I don't remember the last time I've went more than an hour not checking my email, responding to a FB message or seeing what's happening on Twitter. I felt like my in-home tether was lifted and I simply enjoyed face to face conversations without sharing my thoughts or feelings through acronyms and emoticons. 

Did I miss an opportunity to catch up on photo editing? Yes. Could I have become more comfortable using Twitter. Sure. I probably should have even answered emails in a much more timely fashion. 

Fishing with Uncle Teddy and Mason.

But I would have missed splashing around in the pool with my boys, niece and nephew. My eyes wouldn't have seen a beautiful fireworks show on Lake Isabella. Squishing my toes in the sand wouldn't have been as childlike if I was connected to my Blackberry rather than my four year's hand. And finding Gauger dirty
 from head to toe with sand in every crevice wouldn't have been so funny if I had spent my morning 
reading blogs instead of getting dirty right next to him.

Jesse and Gauge with our nephew Mason
and his Uncle Eric.

I needed a couple days to shut down the technology to remind myself that social media can only bring you so far. It will never make the level of impact riding with the jeep top off, tasting a juicy brat with all the fixings, laughing hard with friends and family or hear the loud boom of an actual fireworks show. 

Here's to many more weekends of cutting the cords and enjoying people, places and objects the way they should be - in person!

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